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she recognized the strange happiness that came from loving something without knowing why you did, that strange happiness that was sometimes so big that it felt like sadness.

Anonymous whispered: I just saw what you put on that post, and wanted to personally applaud you :) it was 100% the best response

Oh god every time I post an opinion and then see “Anonymous asked a question” I get SO NERVOUS

BUT THANK YOU I AM GLAD YOU AGREE WITH ME all my plans are coming together soon i will rule the world

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Anonymous whispered: not to mean any disrespect because I'm all about equal right to "ship," but what do you mean pity the people who think Tessa chose Will? You don't think she just "settled" for him, do you? Because although I agree that the "After the Bridge" story is very sweet and not at all disrespectful of Will's memory, I'd have to disagree with you on that count if that's what you were insinuating.


I dont think Tessa “settled” for him; I do believe she was in love with him - despite me not being in fond of Will Herondale. What I was saying, and people who actually read the book will agree with me, is that Tessa did not, ever, chose Will. She agreed to marry Jem while she was also in love with Will, and she decided to keep the engagement after Will declared his feelings for her. Tessa marrying and spending a lifetime with Will was a matter of circumstances and CC’s choice and obvious favoritism to said character - there were other ways to end this story, that I would declare better, but it is not my book and therefore not my place or choice. Tessa and Will married because Jem was not /there/ anymore. Tessa and Will married because Jem was sick and became a Silent Brother, and setting all the shit of Cadair Idris aside, there was no reason to why they couldn’t be together if her previous engagement had obviously ended.

People who think Tessa chose Will are completely in denial, so yeah I’ll pity them. 

I just want to add that it’s a love story between three people. She wasn’t the Bachelorette; she didn’t have her two final contestants standing there, waiting for her to give out a rose. She never picked one over the other, because they didn’t want her to.

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All of us.

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Gatsby? What Gatsby?

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Her mind took the memory of mint and spun it into a related memory of him, one that Gansey didn’t have yet: the first time she had ever seen him. Not at Nino’s when he asked her out on Adam’s behalf. But that night in the churchyard when all of the spirits of the future dead walked past. One year—that was the longest that any of those spirits had. They would all be dead before the next St. Mark’s Eve. She had seen her first spirit: a boy in an Aglionby sweater, the shoulders of it spattered darkly with rain. “What’s your name?” “Gansey.” She couldn’t make it untrue.

SIGN OF YOUR LOVE a blue sargent/richard gansey iii fanmix

i. sign of your love THE VEILS | ii. i just do THE FEELING | iii. borrowed time A FINE FRENZY | iv. this fire FRANZ FERDINAND | v. together THE XX | vi. heaven sent MR LITTLE JEANS | vii. eavesdrop THE CIVIL WARS | viii.  the lovers are losing KEANE | ix. tomorrow (demo) DAUGHTER | x. the price we pay A DAY TO REMEMBER |  xi. death’s song CITY AND COLOUR

[ l i s t e n ]

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I always loved this because seriously, who else but Merlin could be allowed to order the king about before defying him insolently a second later?

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any boy under 6 feet is just a friend no matter what ur heart says

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SOMETHING HAD STRUCK THE MATCH: a mix for the smell of the Camaro’s leather, for the whispering of trees, the terror of dreams; for the heart worn and love lorn; for the glory of belonging.

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inspired by (x)

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Queen you shall be

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I’ll Give You the Sun | Jandy Nelson

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“The boy is destined for greatness, but with you, he is in danger. You are linked, the two of you. You must leave him. This is what I have seen.”

I grew frustrated. “Is he in danger because of me?”

“He will die before his time with you by his side, unless you let him go. Fate or chance? Coincidence or destiny? I cannot say.” Her voice had turned soft.

Soft and sad.

A fist closed around my heart. I tried to let him go once before. It didn’t work.

“I can’t,” was all I said to her, and quietly.

“Then you will love him to ruins, she said, and let my hands go.” 

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thg alphabet || a-d | e-h | i-l | m-p | q-t | u-w | x-z (insp.

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Adam Parrish + Emily Palermo, A Collective List of Things I’ve Denied Myself

What do you want? To feel awake with my eyes open

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